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The most public proof of the success of our approach to speech writing and presentation skills training occurred on publication of Our Masters' Voices (Routledge, 1984), in which Max Atkinson first described a set of simple verbal techniques that trigger applause during political speeches.

A Granada Television World in Action programme showed how he coached a woman with no previous experience of public speaking to use the techniques and win a standing ovation at the annual conference of a British political party.
Ann Brennan
"The most refreshing speech we've heard so far."
(Sir Robin Day, BBC TV commentary)
"It lit up the conference as no other speech had done all week."
(The Guardian)
"She took the SDP conference by storm."
(The Listener)

A short clip from the speech is posted
HERE on Max Atkinson's blog in 2009 attracted the following unsolicited comment from Chris Rodgers:

"I was a member of the audience that day in the autumn of 1984, in Buxton's Pavilion Gardens, as the SDP debated a typically learned (but dry) paper on equality.

"Then Ann Brennan rose to speak. I can confirm that her well crafted and superbly delivered speech was a breath of fresh air. It was accompanied throughout by applause, cheering and the stamping of feet. When Shirley Williams tried to 'call time', at the end of the allotted four minutes, she was shouted down by party members. Ann Brennan left to a deserved standing ovation."

CLICK HERE to watch a video clip of the speech in Quicktime - if you don't have QuickTime, you can download it free from Apple.
CLICK HERE to watch the whole film.

What makes our courses distinctive is that they show how anyone can use these presentation techniques to get key messages across effectively in any kind of presentation or speech.

Your future presentations may not be punctuated by regular bursts of applause, but we do guarantee that these techniques will enable you to get your points across with much greater impact.


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