CORE BUSINESS: the design and delivery of public speaking and presentation skills courses, coaching and speech writing services to clients in both private and public sectors.

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What makes our approach different?
Delegate feedback regularly singles out three factors:

1. The focus on how to make more effective use of language.

2. The fact that the techniques are soundly based on original research into verbal and non-verbal communication, and audience reactions to different styles of speaking - which enables us to provide detailed guidance on what audiences actually like and dislike.

3. The analysis of what's wrong with PowerPoint presentations and how to avoid inflicting death from 1,000 slides.

Personal coaching

presentation skills coaching
For reasons of time or confidentiality, some clients prefer a programme of individual coaching in public speaking and presentation skills, which are often geared towards preparing for a major speech or presentation. Click here for specimen coaching outline.

Speechwriting Course
Our speechwriting seminars, workshops and courses, usually lasting from half a day to a day, are run by professionals with experience of working at the highest levels in politics and industry.


They have proved a popular and speedy way for both new and experienced speechwriters to learn the art of 'writing with their ears'. Click here for specimen outline.

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Presentation and Public Speaking Courses
The starting point for all our public speaking and presentation skills courses is that the audience is always right - which is why effectiveness depends on knowing
how they react to different ways of speaking.

Most of our speaker training programmes last for one or two days with groups of six or twelve delegates, and:

  • focus on presentation skills shown by research to impress audiences;
  • use videotaped excerpts from actual speeches to illustrate good and bad practice;
  • provide individual coaching based on videotapes of delegate presentations;
  • show how to make more effective use of visual aids;
  • equip speakers with the capability to use rhetorical techniques to get their messages across with maximum impact;
  • debunk some of the more outrageous claims about the importance of non-verbal communication. 
Specimen Course Outlines
Examples of programmes lasting for different durations can be downloaded in differnt formats by clicking on MS Word or PDF (allow a few moments for files to download).

Managing Meetings


Research based programmes for groups and individuals on how to chair and participate more effectively in meetings.

Seminars and Keynote Speaking
When larger numbers are involved, we have proven programmes lasting from a half-day to a full day.

Max Atkinson is also a regular keynote speaker at a variety of different business meetings and conferences.